Bridging the global connectivity gap for consumers and businesses

Makman joins a consortium of companies on a catalyst project focused on bridging the global connectivity gap for consumers and businesses.

This groundbreaking initiative fosters partnerships between telecoms and satellite communication providers, addressing a crucial domain primed for explosive innovation and disruption in the coming years.

The convergence of 5G and satellite networks is a hot topic, with the industry and market heavily invested in developing this integration from both network and device perspectives. This project tackles real-world, emerging business needs for telecoms and satellite providers worldwide, empowering them to capture market share via highly resilient and reliable connectivity solutions.

By joining this pivotal catalyst* project, we have the unique opportunity to collaborate with telecoms and satellite providers globally. Together, we’ll tackle pressing shared challenges, highly relevant to our client in #MENA region, while maximizing cost savings in R&D and achieving a remarkable 5x faster R&D cycle.

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