"We feel you! The pandemic has affected many lives and businesses, ours included. However, we must stay resilient, vigilant, and -more importantly- supportive of each other"- Makman's team.

We hope that you’re doing well. In response to the current pandemic, Makman has committed to following all of the precautionary measures issued by the authorities, which we hope will limit the spread of the pandemic. This includes the temporary closure of our headquarters, and the postponement of all scheduled onsite training programs until further notice.

As for our ongoing consulting projects, plans have been made to communicate and execute with our customers remotely, whenever possible, and all of our consultants have been notified to work from home.

We are committed to alleviating the crisis on our valued customers and helping them get out of it with the best returns; the most important of which is their safety. Accordingly, we have extended the period of all offers we had sent to our customers in order to allow them to focus on their safety and that of their families and colleagues. Business can wait.

In addition, our new solutions include complete online training programs, online coaching for managing virtual teams, as well as webcasts covering many business aspects that are not only related to the current pandemic, but also cover important aspects on how to advance from it.

Protect yourself, and others!

Stay Home as much as you can! And always adhere to the curfew and the other instructions Issued by the authorities.

Wash your hands with water and soap, repeatedly, especially after touching groceries, surfaces, and other fomites.

Follow sneezing etiquette and "encourage" others to follow it; that is to cover your face with your elbow when sneezing.

Commit to social distancing When outside. Be proactive about it by avoiding all crowded and tight spaces.

Do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth. And help other people to do that by alerting them if you see them about to touch their faces.

If you have fever, and cough, and difficulty breathing, call 1404 or 1415, and see a doctor immediately!


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