Embracing a culture of transformation

Akakus Oil Operations (AOO) aims to form the foundation of a resilient organization capable of handling the volatile market conditions while still being able to achieve their sought-after business objectives (An award-winning solution, Organizational Gem of 2021).

Discovering real business needs and sparking a new wave of cultural change

Libyana Mobile Phone embarks on a new strategic direction with the goal to increase their operational efficiency, play a key role in the digital ecosystem, and overcome the pressure imposed by the new disruptive digital wave.

Establishing a Project Management Office for a new way of working

Libyana Mobile Phone succeeds at taking its first step at breaking down organizational silos by forming an enterprise-wide Project Management Office (PMO).

Building a foundation for achieving revenue assurance & exploring new revenue streams

The Libyan International Telecom Company (LITC) invests in employee upskilling and readiness in the face of a pandemic, conflict, and digital disruption (An award-winning solution (Excellence Awards of 2021).

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