Makman is a Partner with The GC Index®

The GC Index® (a.k.a. The Game-Changing Index) is the organimetric that empowers organizations to drive performance and achieve innovation by creating game-changing teams and cultures.

The GC Index® is a radical re-think of how organizations identify and nurture key talent; identifying how people at all levels in organizations make their best impact.

Makman's partnership with The GC Index® spearheads our leadership and cultural transformation initiatives by utilizing their state-of-the-art GC Index assessment, which we have proven its ability to drive impact in any workplace.

Meet Our GCeologists

A GCologist is someone who understands the impact that people can have in a role, team and/or organization. We have accredited GCeologists that have come from a range of sectors, including HR, consultancy, education, management, psychology and coaching.​

Ahmed Almakhzanji

Accredited GCeologist

Abdulrahman Eldabak

Accredited GCeologist

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